How you can benefit from a financial plan

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A financial plan details the short- and long-term steps that we will take as we strive to meet your financial goals and objectives. It’s a road map of what’s to come and a guide until circumstances change—at which point, we will consult with you about modifying the plan.

Your financial plan is also a strategy or series of strategies involving multiple aspects of your financial situation designed to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

Developing a financial plan follows naturally from identifying goals, objectives, and existing positions. The first step in the wealth management process told us what you wanted and required in terms of dollars, risk, insurance, retirement, and beyond. The second step revealed your present circumstances. Now, having placed the two side by side, we can put a series of action steps in place specifically intended to get you from here to there.

We believe that the wealth management process is not just about working for you; it’s about working with you. For that reason, there shouldn’t be any surprises in your financial plan. Instead, it should serve as a reminder of the steps that we’ve decided to take together. Also, while it is not product-specific, it will indicate the types of products to which we may or may not direct your assets.

Your financial plan may include an income plan, a distribution plan, a retirement plan, an insurance review and an investment proposal. It will always contain an action plan.

For the short term, the financial plan will serve as our guide, but it is a “living document” subject to change over time as your financial needs, goals, and circumstances change. In some cases, there may not be a gap between your existing positions and your goals and objectives. At other times, your goals and objectives may be out of reach given your present situation. Regardless, the financial plan will continue to serve as our blueprint for managing your wealth.

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