Responsibilities of an Investment Professional

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As you are aware, our goal is to help you achieve your financial objectives. But you may not be familiar with the steps that go into pursuing your goals and needs.





Despite the do-it-yourself websites and TV talking heads advising you to buy and sell, the investment management process is more complicated than ever before. Products have become increasingly complex, tax law continues to change, and portfolio strategies must be fashioned for a 21st century that looks dramatically different from the 1990s. Our approach to investing is designed to stay afloat in the changing world of investment products and services, and our wealth management process is designed to illustrate the philosophies underlying our practice.


In brief, our responsibilities include:

Portfolio Management

  • Understanding your investment goals and objectives
  • Choosing an appropriate asset allocation strategy tailored to target your goals
  • Screening and selecting appropriate money managers, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles
  • Implementing your portfolio
  • Monitoring your portfolio both on an asset class and a fund-specific level
  • Monitoring the tax aspects of your portfolio and underlying investments
  • Tracking the activities of the overall investment program
  • Rebalancing your portfolio in reaction to market swings to maintain the original asset allocation

Goal Management

  • Balancing your risk tolerance with your accumulation target
  • Continually assessing the market and asset classes

Relationship Management

  • Managing the emotional swings associated with investing
  • Uncovering your hidden emotions regarding money
  • Ensuring the proper titling of assets
  • Conducting a beneficiary review
  • Monitoring the markets and allaying concerns associated with economic trends
  • General account management


Many people do not realize that an investment management process goes far deeper than selecting a basket of mutual funds. You may not see the tangible results of all that we do, but as long as you understand all that goes on behind the scenes, you should gain confidence that your wealth is securely invested.





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